Mulla Sadra & Comparative Philosophy on Causation کتاب علیّت از دیدگاه ملاصدرا و فیلسوفان غربی – سید قهرمان صفوی


Causation in Islamic and western philosophy is a complex issue that operates at many levels. This book will ontological and epistemological approach on cause and causation and describe some of the divisions of causation. This book discusses the relationship between causation and key philosophical doctrines.

The present book consists of 17 articles, divided into 6 chapters, concerning comparative studies on causation.

The chapters of the book are “Causation in Islamic Philosophy”, “causation in thought of Mulla Sadra”, “Causation: A Comparative philosophical Approach”, “Prophecy and Psychology”, “Causation and the world process”, “God and causation”.

The articles are written by scholars from Asian, European and American universities.

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