Selected Poems of Salman Harati ، گزیده های سروده های سلمان هراتی ؛ محمد جواد آسمان


Iranology; A Selection of Contemporary Persian Poetry Series-4

Editor in Chief Series: Seyed Salman Safavi

“Tear stands witness for me

When my existence

Was void of reason.

I die for a reason And the World conscious

My funeral attends.”

Harati took up composing poetry at the age of 14, and used the pen name of “Azarbad”. His poetry was deeply influenced by his con-temporary poets, in particular, Sohrab Sepehri and Forough Farrokhzad. Harati has composed poetry in a variety of forms, ranging from sonnet, couplets, and quatrain to the modern free verse style. Harati laments of cruelty in his poetry but promises his readers a bright future.

سلمان هراتی در سن 14 سالگی شعر را آغاز کرد تخلص او در اشعارش آذرباد بود ، در شعرهایش میتوان تاثیرپذیری از شاعران معاصر ایران همچون سهراب سپهری و فروغ فرخزاد را  دید . هراتی در انواع قالبهای شعر فارسی چون غزل ، دوبیتی، رباعی ، و شعر نو سروده های ارزنده دارد .

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