(Sufism(Irfan کتاب عرفان اسلامی – سید قهرمان صفوی


“Sufism (’Irafan) discusses the spiritual aspect of Islam. This book which includes articles written by some of the most distinguished scholars of Sufism and Islam, examines wide range of topics, such as: Theoretical and Practical Sufism, Sufism and Sufism, Foundations of Sufism, The Epistemology of Mystics, Some Sufi Characters (Ghazali, Ibn Arabi and Epistemology of Mystics, Some Sufi Chazali, Ibn Arabi and Rumi) Comparative Mysticism and also contain a bibliography of Sufism. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most essential academic books on Sufism studies”. Dr GRD King, University of London.

Seyed G Safavi is Doctor of Philosophy at London Academy of Iranian Studies and fellow at University of London. He is a descendent of the prophet of Islam and Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardibili He is author of numbers books and articles on Mulla Sadra philosophy, Rumi The Mathnawi and Sufism .He is also the editor of The Transcendent Philosophy Journal. He is a distinguished philosopher and scholar of Islamic sciences.

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