Thinking Methods of Muslim Thinker From Experience to Mystical Experience کتاب روش های اندیشۀ متفکران مسلمان – نادیا مفتونی


This book suggest that during the Islamic Golden age, a variety of thinking methods flourished amongst Muslim scientists and philosophers each of which would contribute human civilization. The thinking methods of Muslim thinkers include a variety of approaches: mathematical method, empirical method, reason, mystical intuition, and philart or sciart. A set of thinking methods is required for surviving and developing civilization. However dramatically important in today’s world is that the balance ought to be maintained.

The author is an associate professor of Islamic Philosophy at University of Tehran. Before training in philosophy, she had an incomplete education in applied physics at Sharif University of technology. She even spent several years long ago as an instructor of physics and mathematics at high school. Along with researching on philosophy of economy, she is a painter and poet. She has .exhibitions and workshops in Tehran, Kerman, Paris Beijing, Vienna, Beirut, Algiers, Berlin, to name but a few

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